Jamal Alamein sits in a car in a suburban street waiting for his older brother Omar. Jamal wants to see his terminally ill mother, but first he has to convince the strong-minded Omar that he is not a threat or danger to the family. Jamal has just returned to Australia after disappearing overseas for 18 months fighting in Syria. Omar vehemently opposes Jamal from entering the house as the family, and especially their father, have completely ostracized and cast him aside. During this intense and emotionally charged exchange in the car about religion, politics, jihad, terrorism, family values and reputation, Omar gains an understanding of what his brother has gone through and experienced. Some of these issues go back to when Jamal was a teenager and Omar is shocked that he wasn’t aware of Jamal’s internal struggles. 


Omar finally agrees to help get his brother in to see their mother and asks his own wife Maya to help clear the house and the mothers room of guests, so to discreetly bring Jamal to his mother’s bedside. But during this process there are a few surprises and interruptions including Jamal’s wife Heidi and their young son Khalil, their uncle Yahya who seems more concerned about Jamal being somewhere else other than here at the house today, and most importantly it becomes evident that Jamal wants to reconcile with his father Yusaf. The closing scenes reveal why Jamal has really come back - is this a plan of his own or is he an easily led and confused pawn in a bigger global picture? 


A story about redemption, forgiveness and the consequences of your actions on loved ones and those you leave behind.

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